About Us


About Us

About Us

Destination Hispaniola is an Incoming Tour Operator, registered in Cap -Haitian, Haiti since January 2015.We also have a Representation Office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We provide Destination Management Services to foreign Tour Operators and Travel Agencies; we also operate our own excursions for individuals and groups. We served our client with professionalism to make their visit to Cap-Haitian memorable, wonderful and magical. Our main services are excursion, ground transportation, sightseeing, hotel accommodation, booking and arrangement. With our Bilingual staff you will experience a close contact with the Haitian culture, history and natural beauty.

We are famous for our Haiti Citadelle Adventure Tours which is a daily tour from Santo Domingo to Cap-Haitian were you will experience the culture of the 2 countries sharing the same Island of Hispaniola.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to promote Cap-Haitian as a Tourism Destination, by inviting you to visit the Citadelle Laferriere, showing you a better face of Haiti through its rich culture and history. We want you to experience the authentic Haiti, its people and tradition, its cuisine and art, its cities and countryside, its historic monuments and exotic beaches. We also help the communities that you visit to create an economic autonomy to improve prosperity for their family by including them in the supply chain of services .They are the handicraft artisan, the horses’ owner and renter, the fisherman, the tour guides, the car drivers, the farmers, the boat owner, the small hotels and restaurant ,the people of Labadie Village.(#)

Our Value


Customer Service

Our rule number 1 is: “the client is always right”, we consider you as our most important asset, and our team work to serve you with the highest standard and rapid response to your inquiries.

Competitive Pricing

We try to maintain good price in this competitive market as we work with a fair trade value chain providers in the community you are visiting. We ensure you receive an added value to the services you book with us.

Safety & Trust

You will always be escort with a trustworthy member of our staff. Your health and Safety is a big priority. We don’t take risk with you, we only offers services that we confirm their quality and safety before releasing it to you. We also work in tight collaboration with Haiti Minister of Tourism, the Touristic Police Department and the different touristic associations.
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Telephone: +1 (509) 3500 2100

David Ben Gurion
# 4, Piantini,
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Telephone: +1 829-943-3424

E-mail: info@destinationhispaniola.com